The Beginning

One ambitious housewife with green fingers and who loves to cook, and with access to an orchard, green house and fresh produce.

This was the beginning of Mrs Mopps brand in Carhampton, Somerset.

With a selection of 20 various fruit trees, they set about selecting the best traditional recipes as well as trying out new experimental flavours. This was all for home consumption, however with an abundance of produce, this led to jams and chutneys being sold at car boots sales and local fayres. There was more and more demand with local shops, restaurants and pubs discovering the Mrs Mopps brand and placing orders.

Since then the brand and business has grown and produce is now sold in southern England up to the midlands, still homemade to the same recipes and the finest ingredients.


Our Location

Apple Orchard

Made in Carhampton, Somerset

Phone: 07734 817469
Web: www.mrsmoppschutneys.co.uk

Our Awards