BBQ time! – A lot of people think that chutney is just supposed to go with cheese, but no! You can have chutney with almost everything, from sandwiches to pasta to burgers, and now it’s almost BBQ time here are a few ideas for you to get your mouth watering.

Sausages and burgers are very popular for a BBQ, why not spice them up by adding our Bad Boy chilli for a little bit of a kick or our Sweet Chilli & Balsamic red onion or our other highly commended Roasted Red Pepper.

If you’re feeling extra brave you could always try our award winning, High Commended Naga Napas, for the brave only!

If spice isn’t you thing, our Caramelised Red Onion is always a favourite with your burgers and sausages.

Chicken and fish are also great, these both go very well with our Gold award Lemon, Thyme & Black Pepper chutney.  You can always marinade the chicken with our bad boy or roasted red pepper. Again, if spice isn’t for you here is another idea. Take the skin off the chicken and place a layer of Lemon, thyme & Black Pepper Chutney over it, place the skin back on and roast or cook this on the BBQ. The citrus flavor will slowly infuse in to the chicken given it a fresh lemon taste.